Grand Coach Parade of North Conway

The Grand Coach Parade of North Conway, New Hampshire was a tradition of splendor that  attracted people  near and far to watch before the hard times of the two great wars.  This article is from the August 30th 1892 Boston Daily Globe, page 10.    My great grandmother, Ellen Mason organized the reporters’ stand and she entered a  float in the parade  from her hotel (the Sunset Pavilion).  The float received honorable mention.  I think the chant the girls yelled out from the float was very patriotic!bostondailyglobe-parade-in-n-conway-wednesday-august-31-1892-p-10

Sunset Pavilion entrant 1891 in the Mt Keasarge Parade

News write-up about Captain Nathaniel Robert Mason of North Conway, New Hampshire

My grandfather, Dr. Nathaniel Robert Mason, left his family and medical practice to answer the call to serve in WWI. For information about  Captain Nathaniel Robert Mason, see