Mystery of the Lost Paintings in North Conway, New Hampshire

Home of Mahlon Lee and Ellen Mason in North Conway, NH
Home of Mahlon Lee and Ellen Mason in North Conway, NH
Mason House Interior, one
A room inside the Mason house. Two paintings of the Mason family. I believe the painting on the left is of Ellen (Mc)Roberts Mason and the one on the right is Mahlon Lee Mason. These paintings are no longer in the family. They were sold in an estate sale in 1969. It is my hope to find them someday.
Oil painting of Ellen (Mc) Roberts (Mason)  (1850-1937)


Mason House Interior, one -PORTRAIT PHOTO
It is my opinion this painting is of Mahlon Lee Mason (1846-1926)


Mason House Interior, one - PORTRAIT 2
This painting which sits on the floor by the hanging portraits of Ellen and Mahlon Lee looks like the Mason family forbearer, Nathaniel Randall Mason (father of Mahlon Lee) of North Conway. The unframed painting shows a likeness to the engraving of Nathaniel Randall Mason in the book, “History of Carroll County”, by Georgia Drew Merrill, 1889, page 895.












Mason House Interior, North Conway, New Hampshire
All three of these paintings are no longer in the family.   Ellen’s hat rests on the settee .
Mason House Room Interior
This painting, intrigues me. I think it could possibly be of Ellen Mason. In front of it is a fold-out table and a window frame covering the painting. Maybe the painting is resting on a French Door?


Mason House Interior, three - PORTRAIT 3
I think this painting possibly is of Nathaniel Randall Mason’s wife, Ruth Witchter Hutchins, my 2nd great grandmother. This painting is adjacent to another with the same type of frame, which I believe could be Nathaniel Randall Mason.
Nathaniel Randall Mason
Nathaniel Randall Mason (1814-1885)


I am very certain this painting is of my grandfather, Nathaniel Robert Mason (1876-1948) with his dog. When my grandfather was a child , he often wore girl’s’ style clothing, which was common in that day.


Mason House interior HEARTH
Unfortunately, its is difficult to make out the wording along the hearth. With close examination, I think the buildings in the center picture are of  the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. It is such a treat to look at all the details in the  Mason house.








5 thoughts on “Mystery of the Lost Paintings in North Conway, New Hampshire”

    1. These oil paintings were made in the early to the mid 1800s. I remember my grandmother, Eunice Mason stored them in her home in the attic. The paintings were very large, and all of them were sold at auction after her she died. I have no idea where the paintings ended up. Presume they were not purchased as a lot. I hope to learn someday where they are.


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