North Conway, New Hampshire – Mason family history

The Sunset Pavilion in North Conway, New Hampshire  was located where the Eastern Slope Inn is today.  The Sunset Pavilion was a hotel for travelers who came  to see the scenic white mountains.  It was owned and operated by Mahlon Lee Mason and his wife, Ellen (Mc)Roberts Mason of North Baldwin, Maine.


Sunset Pavillion, North Conway, New Hampshire
Sunset Pavilion, North Conway, New Hampshire.  Owned and operated by Mahlon Lee Mason and Ellen (McRoberts) Mason.         The owner’s wife, Ellen (Mc)Roberts Mason was very active in the community.   Ellen was very much ahead of the times.  She  penned many articles and short stories for newspapers and books. She was a teacher, school committee member, town representative, writer, suffragist, poet, and advocate of woodland preservation. Ellen traveled to Germany with her son, Nathaniel Robert Mason and worked as a translator before the Great War (World War I).


Sunset Pavilion, North Conway, NH.
The Sunset Pavilion burned down in the 1940s. Nothing remains of the hotel today other than the adjacent theater which still operates.



Stage coach entering MASON Family10958520140527112252
Mahlon Lee and Ellen Mason lived near the Sunset Pavilion. Their first home was located a short distance from the Sunset Pavilion.
Civil War ensemble in front of Sunset Pavilion 11116320140610115106_001
A military procession in front of the Sunset Pavilion.


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