A Chronicle of the Mason and Newcomb families of Bridgton, Maine

It began by viewing for sale on Ebay an old stamped envelope with an interesting return address!  The label read,  M. L. Mason, Proprietor (my grandfather).    What  followed afterwards was finding many articles about my family online in the Bridgton News of the Bridgton Public Library.  Return address of MLMason Sunset Pavilion & Bridgton House return address

I knew my great grandparents were proprietors of the Sunset Pavilion in North Conway, NH, but I never knew  that they also owned the Bridgton House, which operates today as a B&B.

In the summer of 2016, I visited the town of Bridgton, and made a stop at the Bridgton Historical Society, the Bridgton House B&B, and also saw for the first time the house where Elizabeth and George Newcomb lived.  They were my 2nd great aunt and uncle.  A whole picture of there life has come alive from reading about them in the Bridgton News!

So, lets start here in 1887.1887 Bridgton News

George Newcomb grew up in Harrison, Maine, and was married for a to Abbie Trafton.  She died  at the age of 47 on October 22, 1891.  They had two children, Fonetta and Sumner.  George Newcomb married Elizabeth McRoberts from Baldwin, Maine on December 24, 1892.  George Newcomb was a successful businessman who owned and sold many acres of land.  He worked in the lumber and horse business.

Originally Mahlon Lee Mason and  Ellen Mason (my great grandparents) purchased the Bridgton House in 1887.  In later years, Ellen’s sister, Elizabeth McRoberts Newcomb and her husband, George Newcomb operated the Bridgton House.