An Edwardian woman- Ellen McRoberts Mason ( 1850-1937) of North Conway, New Hampshire


Ellen McRoberts Masons’ parents were John Roberts from Drumaghlis, County Antrim Ireland and Charity Davis from Baldwin, Maine.  Ellen was one of three sisters,  Lavinia and Elizabeth. They also had an older brother, Robert.  Ellen and Elizabeth attended the  nearby schools and were teachers for several years.  Later in life, they traveled extensively together and were active in the communities of North Conway, New Hampshire and Bridgton, Maine.  Her sister, Lavinia left New Hampshire with her husband John Whitaker (Wheeler), and they  established a  new life in Iowa.  Ellen’s  brother, Robert disappeared.  I am not certain if  he joined the Civil War effort when he was 22 years old.  His name was on the Baldwin, Maine draft list and  was shown “absent” on another attendance list.

Ellen was the writer of the family.  She left a long trail of newspaper articles, short stories, and poems.  I keep finding more as I go along in my research.  Her best works were about life in North Conway and Germany.   She was a club woman and took active participation in education, community and took an active part in the preservation of the forests.  She worked in a hotel owned by Mahlon Lee Mason  prior to their marriage in 1873.   In April 1876 their only son, Nathaniel Robert Mason  was born.  Nathaniel  attended Yale and  Harvard University and served in WWI.  WWI Centennial 2014 – In remembrance of my grandfather, Dr. Robert Nathaniel Mason of North Conway, NH and Marblehead, MA.

Photographs of Ellen McRoberts Mason

A few of Ellen Mason’s published books:

Thomas Edward Mulliken White An Appreciation. Rumford Press, 1910

The Story of Lady Blanche published about 1910













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